Alexander Technique – Private Lessons – Seattle, WA

Lessons and Workshops

Private Lessons

In a one on one private lessons (observers are always welcome!) I will work with you in simple movement patterns such as sitting and standing, and walking.  With a gentle touch and verbal instruction I will lead you through the experience of moving with greater ease and freedom. I will invite and guide you into a world of awareness and mindfulness. You will learn that the changes you find are yours for the taking.  As your perception and coordination skills become more accessible you will learn to apply these skills to ever more and more complex activities.

Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops

I am available for small and large group presentations ranging from small group hands on demos to large group introductory lecture/demo’s and everything in between.  I can easily adjust to the specific interests of a group such as medical professionals, musicians, actors, athletes, etc.


Ten lesson series $500
Five lesson series $275
Single private lesson $60

Cancellation Policy

I require 24 hours notice for a cancellation.

My private lessons are usually 35-40 minutes in length.